How to get your kids back into the school routine

Starting back to school is always a challenge after the long summer break, but with the disruption and confusion that Covid 19 has brought, this year is going to be a little more difficult. For some, it may be the first time back at school in a very long time.

A back-to-school guide for happy parents and happy kids

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How to avoid ‘summer learning loss’ while having fun in the holidays

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7 ideas for Educational Summer Fun!

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How To Make Summer Enjoyable For You and The Kids

Let’s be honest… Spring fever hits and you are ready for summer. You can’t wait for the morning school routine to end. Dreaming of the morning struggles to become a distant memory and replaced with the sound of birds chirping and little giggles mixed with water splashes in the backyard. Ah, the euphoria of summer… until you hear the inevitable “I’m bored”. Then, realizing that having everyone home leads to more laundry, more dishes, more struggles. Frankly, some of us hit this wall the second week of June. Am I right? So, here are some tips to keeping your sanity while keeping the littles occupied so everyone can enjoy a well-deserved summer break!

Happy Mother's Day!! A message from Kenni's Korner!



At Kenni’s Korner we want to take a few moments for Mother’s Day and let all the moms out there know, you are appreciated. You are loved. You are admired. You are needed. We know that there is no other position in life that a woman will hold that carries with it so much hope and joy, fear and uncertainty, or pleasure and pain all at the same time. We know that the responsibility of motherhood is not for the weak, faint or selfish. We also understand that often times, being a mother means your needs and wants are sidelined for the good of everyone else. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone and in our small way, we hope to brighten your day and let our words wrap you in love for Mother’s Day.

Post COVID Traveling with the Littles

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Mom....are you stressed?!?!?

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