Happy Mother's Day!! A message from Kenni's Korner!
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Happy Mother's Day!! A message from Kenni's Korner!



At Kenni’s Korner we want to take a few moments for Mother’s Day and let all the moms out there know, you are appreciated. You are loved. You are admired. You are needed. We know that there is no other position in life that a woman will hold that carries with it so much hope and joy, fear and uncertainty, or pleasure and pain all at the same time. We know that the responsibility of motherhood is not for the weak, faint or selfish. We also understand that often times, being a mother means your needs and wants are sidelined for the good of everyone else. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone and in our small way, we hope to brighten your day and let our words wrap you in love for Mother’s Day.




The bond between mother and child is like no other. When your child is heartbroken, your heart is broken. If your child is sick, you want nothing more than to take on that illness for your child, so they don’t suffer. When they achieve a milestone and brimming with pride, your heart swells with pride for them. It is as if your hearts beat in rhythm with each other.


When our children get older, moms have a sixth sense. We can feel when something is off with our child. We can look at our child and know that they are coming down with something.  And at the annoyance of our children, we know when they are being less than honest or hiding something. Moms don’t acquire these skills on purpose. It is not a practiced skill. It just is.





As soon as we become pregnant, our bodies, our lives, are no longer our own. We begin our selfless journey knowing that the responsibility of motherhood is the hardest job we will ever have. There is no right, or wrong answers and we must stumble through decisions hoping that our choices are the right ones for the little humans in our care. It terrifies us that another human is completely and totally dependent on us. They are helpless and fragile, and we question our capabilities. At some point during pregnancy, we sometimes think, “I don’t know if I’m ready for this”. But the moment you hold that tiny being for the first time, your heart melts and your mission becomes clear…


feeding, diapers and sleep… I mean let’s be honest. Survival mode kicks in, right?!


I joke, sort of… Yet, from birth to the age of five or so, it comes down to a lot of “if I don’t laugh, I will cry” moments, right? Lots of crying… from the baby, not you… well… maybe in the beginning. Crying to be changed, crying to be fed, crying because they are tired. This all then morphs into crying because we can’t wear underwear on our head to church (again the toddler, not you), crying because you won’t turn the sun off, or crying because you made them exactly what they wanted for dinner…


After years of working through your “customer (child) is always right” mentality, you become exhausted and worn down. Yet, you still give endlessly and selflessly. You do it with love and no hesitation. You balance being accommodating but disciplined.


I truly believe that nature makes children cute on purpose, so we continue to care for them through the terrible twos… and threes. It allows us to look past the fact that they are not logical and frankly do very questionable and sometimes “drunken sailor” disgusting things. They become “school aged” at the exact time when moms are ready for some desperately needed “me time” … coincidence? I think not! But too often we wait for the littles to go off before grabbing me time. Please don’t!




Whether you are a new mom, or your children are grown, give yourself permission to take time for yourself. Treat yourself. Do something for your mental health, your physical health, and then something you want and something you need. A stable home is not built on a faulty foundation and you, MOM, are the foundation.


And just so we are clear, taking time for yourself doesn’t include sneaking the last Snickers out of the Easter basket and hiding in the pantry or bathroom gorging on it before seeing little fingers under the door… unless you really like Snickers and huddling in a small room while being on a timer. Give yourself permission to take an afternoon for you. You are worth it, and you deserve it.


Remember, at Kenni’s Korner, we strive to not only see your children happy, but we want our moms to be happy as well! Happy Mother’s Day from our family to you!

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