Mom....are you stressed?!?!?
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Mom....are you stressed?!?!?

Here at Kenni’s Korner, the wellbeing of our customers and their children has always been a top priority. We know that this has been such a tough year for you all. Working parents have been thrown into the role of home educators. With kids racing around the house and that work Zoom call to make, how do you keep everyone happy and sane?

It might seem like an impossible task, but the following tips will help things run a little more smoothly in your family home.


  1. Routines

Routines are so great for kids, especially during this unusual time. When things feel so strange, it can really help to structure the day. It helps you keep in control and it might just help you to stay sane. Of course, do not be afraid to change the routine if it’s not working or you are having a particularly challenging day. There is no point forcing something that is not working.


  1. Connection

Start the day by connecting with your kids as this will get everyone in a positive mood. This is a great way to fill the kids up emotionally as well as stave off that terrible mom-guilt. Even ten minutes of playing something of their choice should help.


  1. Set up a morning box

Morning boxes are a great idea to get the kids engaged in their own activities and they work so well as a transition to independent play. Each child has their own box with assorted activities, catered to their tastes. There are some great ideas on


  1. Use educational resources

Some wonderful teachers out there have created online content for parents just like you. There is everything you could think of online, from yoga videos to elementary school resources. Some great examples of these are:

Cosmic Kids Yoga on



  1. Give treats

After a busy week, why not treat the family to a fun weekend activity? If you can, try to get everyone outside. Maybe you could do something like a teddy bear's tea party? Plan it together - write invitations and bake cakes in the morning. Then, get everyone dressed up in their best outfits for the tea party.

Another great idea and a way to teach children gratitude, is to send treats to friends or neighbours. You could write small notes to far-away family members and those who might be isolated. Gifts for mom friends are also a great idea. We have some sweet outfits in our new arrivals section which would be sure to brighten someone’s day.


  1. Go easy on yourself

And finally - we are living through a difficult time, so go easy on yourself and your family. We all have bad days where things don’t work out, but you can always start afresh the next morning. Reach out to family and friends and check in on each other. These days in quarantine, juggling home-school and working will be difficult, but remember, this will pass.

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