Welcome to Kenni’s Korner Blog
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Welcome to Kenni’s Korner Blog

Kenni’s Korner is excited to incorporate our blog for the ultimate experience in the children’s boutique life. It is our hope that our blog will inform, enlighten and entertain our followers with a focus on everything related to parenting and littles. Of course, we will feature children’s fashion but will also include stories related to travel, décor, recipes, crafts, parties, maternity, tips and tricks as well as health and beauty for our wonderful mama subscribers. It is our hope that in our own small and humble way, Kenni’s Korner will bring a little sunshine and brightness to your world. With the introduction to our Blog, we thought it appropriate to also introduce you to our owners, their passion for Kenni’s Korner, their background and vision.


Who Is Kenni’s Korner?


Kenni’s Korner is a collaboration of family. Our boutique is inspired and named after co-owner Kendra Jenkins. Kendra has a “passion for children’s fashion”, spending many years dressing nieces, nephews and the littles of her friends and co-workers. Kendra coupled her passion with co-owner Destini Jerido’s hand sewn clothing inspirations from Unique Threads by Dess and the “Korner” was born!


Both owners have experience in business administration and running their own businesses. Kendra has had several successful business ventures currently: The Quantum Investment Group, LLC; The Computer Consulting Group, LLC and working on Jenkins Properties and Investment, LLC.  And Destini is a fresh and innovative rising star. She has worked in the family business, Right Touch Auto Detailing and has learned and understands the needs of small business and the importance of stepping in to fill the gaps when needed. She is excited to set off on her new venture with Kenni’s Korner.


Both owners are deeply connected to the operations of Kenni’s Korner, contributing equally to the brainstorming and decision-making process as well as marketing, branding, and purchasing. Kendra spearheads the “storefront” so to speak, managing the retail and personal shopping experiences. Meanwhile, Destini manages more of the “behind the scenes” operations with the hand sewn clothing line Unique Threads by Dess, as well as their non-profit efforts.


So What Is Kenni’s Korner?


Officially, Kenni’s Korner is a boutique that hopes to provide an affordable one stop shop for parents looking for premium clothing and accessories for their children. They focus on eco-friendly and local products that can be purchased without ever leaving home. They also work diligently to seek out unique, hip, fresh and individualized clothing and products that are not found in your average store or online. Personally, Kendra put it best when describing what her vison was,

“I wanted to create a space  that caters to parents who like nontraditional clothing and accessories. I wanted to create a space where I could find cool pieces in one place and not have to shop at 5 different stores for a wardrobe. I wanted a place that if I didn't have the time to run out to the mall, someone could assist with pointing me in the right direction and create a memorable moment for my kid. “


The boutique offers an all-encompassing high-end experience from personal shopping concierge service to securing those special occasion outfits for lifetime events. Being a small boutique, Kenni’s Korner can pivot and evolve to their customer and client’s needs and wants more quickly and efficiently than big box stores or chains. If a client gives feedback on a desired vendor or wants a personalize designer session, Kenni’s Korner can cater to those needs.


A Blog with Purpose


To fulfill the vision of offering the best overall experience, it felt natural to provide insight, information and stories that our customers and clients would find helpful, inspiring or just entertaining. Children are a gift… parenting is a gift (yes, even during those trying times). Kenni’s corner hopes to find ways to help create or capture special moments. The blog will be there with creative crafting ideas, travel tips and tricks or even planning those parties and events. All of this information is out there… just not in the same place. We eventually want the blog to be your “go to” for all of these topics.


Conversely, the blog will offer hope and solutions for those times that are maybe a little less memorable. It’s okay to admit it…. Sometimes those precious littles send us to the breaking point. You can take solace in knowing you are not alone. We will blog solutions, self-care and moments of shared reflection. You will soon learn that yes, almost all moms… at some point… whether they admit it or not, have disguised happy juice in the tumbler for the 3rd grade Christmas concert. There is no judgement here… you do what you gotta do. Right?!


Both Kendra and Destini have an overwhelming desire to make lives better and the world a better place. Both are excited to open their doors and hearts on this journey. They hope the Kenni’s Korner experience will bring smiles and joy to the littles through comfortable and hand sewn clothing items and accessories. For the mamas and parents, it is about bringing a little luxury, organization and comfort to the parenting experience.


Kenni’s Korner, Kendra and Destini would be thrilled if you found and selected that perfect outfit and then subscribed to the blog and followed their social media accounts. You can find all things “Kenni’s Korner” here:


FB: https://www.facebook.com/kenniskornerchildrensboutique/


Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kenniskorner/_shop/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kenniskorner/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/KennisKorner_

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